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Demonic (2015)

Demonic is a movie starring Maria Bello, Frank Grillo, and Cody Horn. A police officer and a psychologist investigate the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.

IMDB: 5.30 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 83
  • IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 
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The Synopsis for Demonic (2015) 720p

In Louisianna,Detective Mark Lewis is summoned to attend a call from the notorious Livingston House and he finds three bodies and one survivor, John, who is in shock. He calls for backup and also the police psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Klein to interrogate John. They learn that the team of ghost-busters Bryan, John's pregnant girlfriend Michelle, Jules, Donnie and Sam decided to perform a séance in the house, where the owner Marta Livingstone had committed a violent slaughter, to summon their spirits. The séance went wrong and released evil spirits that killed Jules, Donnie and Sam; however Michelle and Bryan are missing. While Elizabeth interrogates John, Mark and the technical team tries to retrieve the hard disks with the footages from the house to find where the other two survivors may be, Detective Lewis discloses a dark supernatural secret about John.

The Director and Players for Demonic (2015) 720p

[Director]Will Canon
[Role:]Frank Grillo
[Role:]Dustin Milligan
[Role:]Maria Bello
[Role:]Cody Horn

The Reviews for Demonic (2015) 720p

Pointless Film That Felt RushedReviewed byHorrorOverEverythingVote: 3/10

So I really enjoyed Will Canon's first feature film Brotherhood, it was really tense and the story was very well done. So when I heard he was directing a horror film I was pretty excited since Horror is by far my favorite genre. The story seemed interesting enough and the set up to the film had me interested, but then it all just kind of fell apart.

So the movie plays out with an investigator and some psychologist interviewing a guy whose friends were just murdered at some haunted house. Some of his friends are still missing and the police want to know what happened to them. I liked this, it made me interested to see what happened and find out where the missing friends are. What sucks though is that every that play out from here on just isn't interesting. There are a few jump scares, but only like 2 or 3, and other than that really nothing at all happens until the last 15-20 minutes, and even then it's nothing special. Everything just seems so rushed or like they cut a good chunk of the movie out and then just showed us bits and pieces of the missing material.

So right off the bat I really wasn't feeling the cast, nobody is really likable. The people we are suppose to like are just dull, wasn't sure if I was really suppose to root for anybody tbh. The group of friends are all annoying and the rest of the cast just seemed like they were phoning their performances in.

Overall I was very disappointed by this film. I just don't see any reason why it needed to be made, especially with a pretty decent budget. There is nothing new at all here, no gore, no real scares, and really no suspense. Skip this one.


It takes a lot to scare me..... This movie did!Reviewed bysweet_dodyVote: 8/10

i watched that movie yesterday, and it hasn't been reviewed here so i didn't expect much of the movie and i thought it was going be just an okay movie well let me tell you something it was so nice, startling and truly an outstanding film that had me gripped for its entire 82 minutes. The film doesn't dawdle about too much either Overall, "demonic" was a pleasant surprise for me. It doesn't offer heaps in terms of originality, but it's a stylistically stunning film and takes steps in the right in direction very gracefully.

In short, I'd highly recommend you (or better still DARE YOU) to see SINISTER. This is one good date movie if you want your date to crawl under your shirt; or just bring some best buddies to scare the crap out of you. I mean it may not be "Conjuring" , nevertheless, if you love that then you'll love this.

DemonicReviewed byArgemalucoVote: 4/10

Demonic is a film "presented by James Wan"... but not directed by him. Anyway, regardless of the director's identity, the main problem of Demonic is an atrocious screenplay which makes a useless effort to repeat the success of "haunted house" movies from the past. It wasn't a bad idea to combine supernatural horror, "found footage" scenes and police investigation in one film. However, the combination is done horribly in Demonic. The main plot of Demonic follows the police investigation from detectives Lewis and Klein, who examine the scene of the crime and interrogate the only survivor, trying to determine what happened at an abandoned house. Another narrative level is composed by the witness' flashbacks, in which we see the classic "ghostbusters" routine putting cameras on the wall and searching for supernatural manifestations in the dreary rooms and corridors. And finally, we have "found footage" passages taped by the previously mentioned cameras. That combination of formats and chronologies isn't done in a compelling way at all, and then, we have the obligatory twist at the end, which I found absolutely improbable and lacking of any sense or logic. I'm not going to reveal it, but it feels arbitrary, like a desperate maneuver to leave us with a final surprise, even if it has nothing to do with the rest of the film. I went to see Demonic with low expectations, but the presence of the solid actors Frank Grillo and Maria Bello gave me the slight hope that the film would surpass them... but the truth ended up being the opposite. Surprisingly, the performances from Grillo and Bello feel as insipid and listless as the ones from the rest of the cast, and Will Canon's direction is equally apathetic. The fusion of supernatural and police subjects had potential, but Demonic does it so badly that I felt it like an absolute waste of time, specially because I watched it at the cinema, where I couldn't use the "fast forward" button to minimize the unbearable boredom I felt while I was watching it. On the other hand, "Grillo & Bello" sounds like an excellent name for a restaurant; if they decide to stop acting, both have that good alternative.

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