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Eye of the Needle (1981)

A ruthless German spy, trying to get out of Britain with vital information about D-Day, must spend time with a young woman and her crippled husband.

IMDB: 7.15 Likes

  • Genre: Romance | Thriller
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The Synopsis for Eye of the Needle (1981) 720p

A German spy carrying information that will reveal the target of Operation Overlord becomes involved with the wife of a crippled man on an isolated island off the Scottish coast while he waits to be picked up.

The Director and Players for Eye of the Needle (1981) 720p

[Director]Richard Marquand
[Role:]Donald Sutherland
[Role:]Stephen MacKenna
[Role:]Kate Nelligan

The Reviews for Eye of the Needle (1981) 720p

Reviewed byAndy (film-critic)Vote: /10

So, at first I had trouble deciding if this film was great or justanother war film that would be forgotten about as the years progressed.It was a tough decision that required a day of thought. There weredefinitely scenes in this film that would embarrass even the mostnovice movie goer, yet there is something about the story and thehumanistic approach to a non-human element that seeps from this film'spores. The scene that stands out the most in my mind is when Sutherlandis running to the rain to catch Lucy. You can obviously tell that he ison a sound stage and water is being thrown in his face. His acting andthe way that that particular scene was set up was appalling. It made melaugh instead of feel any sort of suspense or fear. It forcedcredibility for Sutherland's character right out the door. There wereseveral other scenes that just didn't seem to fit in this film thatmade you question the theatrical release of this film or if it was astraight-to-television production. If you can get through these fewlapses in the director's train of thought, then you will be able to seethe powerful story that lies within.

When I first saw the box to this film I didn't know what to expect. Tomy utter enjoyment, Eye of the Needle is one of those gems hiding in amud puddle. After you wipe it off (look away from the DVD cover), youwill begin to see the beauty of this film. As we begin our story, wesee Sutherland as a normal person, but as the film advances, our ideaand interpretation of his character blows our mind. When most war filmssimply believe in keeping you in your theater seats by showing graphicimages of battle and chaos, this film goes in the completely otherdirection. This is a story between two people and the small battle thatthey fight for their beliefs. I mentioned earlier that I felt this wasa very humanistic film. The reason for that statement is because wewitness the human element to war. Billy is the perfect example of a manwho has lost a portion of his life, yet is too depressed to see thehappiness in front of him. Normally in war films this comes late story,but in Eye of the Needle it is shown right up front. Next, we hardlyever are given a very human side to the villain in these stories.Normally, they kill without remorse, but again, not in this film. Whatwe witness are two humans caught between a hard place with nobody elseto turn to.

While war is being raged overseas with thousands of troopers, it isimpressive to see stories like this that revolve around just twopeople. These two people can have the same effect on the war as abrigade of soldiers. I never saw their reaction to each other coming. Iwasn't expecting a message in this film. I brief history lesson aboutthe day to day activities surrounding this dark cloud of our world'shistory. Also, I wasn't expecting to see such powerful acting fromDonald Sutherland and Kate Nelligan. Together they created more sparkson screen than most duos today.

What they create is better and more realistic than most Hollywoodjargon.

It is impressive to see this in a war film. I cannot stress thatenough. This film surprised me and I am normally not a huge war fan. Ithink the reason that it stood out was because director RichardMarquand develops two amazing characters and places them in a war torncountry, only to uproot them again into a place of beauty and nature.We go from one spectrum to the next with Marquand and it works. KenFollett, who wrote the novel that this film is based, has done a greatjob of taking a world that is huge and bringing it down to just thesetwo characters. It is not often that you see that in a war film,especially one made in 1981.

Overall, I flip-flopped my decision all around until I finally made achoice. This film was amazing. I can look past the low-budgeted scenesthat make this film dated in the 80s, and see the amazing truth behindthe characters and story. This is one of the most impressive storiesthat I have seen come from Hollywood. I could literally watch this filmagain and probably catch more that I missed the first time. This isn'tyour average spy film; this is instead a film about humans and thecomfort we need in our lives. Also, I must end with this note, if anyvillain (without saying who) can use his trademark kill six times inforty minutes, you should realize that this film is going to be a greatride.

Grade: **** out of *****

Read the book?Reviewed byhenryhertzhobbitVote: 4/10

The movie lacks credence with the helicopters which didn't exist until the 1950s. But no woman would do what was done here, even a woman before the women's movement of the 60s and 70s. About the only portion of the movie that you could believe in was that Germany would want to know where the landing would be. Ignore for the moment that the British had captured all the spies but even if they had not, they wouldn't have let one roam around like this just to reassure the Germans that the landing would be at Calais. It isn't one major thing that makes the movie not work. It is the culmination of all the things wrong that makes the movie fail. Bad directing, bad scripts, no attempt at authenticity (at all) all combine to just make the movie fall flat. Generally speaking spies should fade into the woodwork. The suspense comes in with the spy wondering if the information they have is valid or not and worrying about being detected. On this one that game was over from the start. This spy was doing anything but spying. Your only chance at getting something that has some credibility and instills some suspense may be to read the book.

Reviewed byfertilecelluloidVote: /10

Donald Sutherland is superb as "The Needle", a Nazi spy pursued by theBritish government during World War II. Circumstances land him on StormIsland, a small, wind-swept patch of land off the English coast. Therehe falls in love with the sensual Kate Nelligan, the unhappy, lonelywife of a crippled war vet.

The late Richard Marquand's second feature film is a gripping,suspenseful wartime drama about doomed love. The blazing glow of thisfilm is enhanced by sizzling yet subtle scenes of lovemaking and astunning Miklos Rosza score.

The island vistas are breathtaking and Alan Hulme's pictures are richand moody.

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