If I Had a Million (1932) 1080p YIFY Movie

If I Had a Million (1932) 1080p

If I Had a Million is a movie starring Gary Cooper, Charles Laughton, and W.C. Fields. A dying tycoon gives million-dollar windfalls to eight people picked from the city directory.

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The Synopsis for If I Had a Million (1932) 1080p

Tycoon John Glidden, dying though still vigorous, is so dissatisfied with his relatives and associates that, rather than will his money to any of them, he decides to give it away in million-dollar amounts to strangers picked from the city directory. He picks a meek china salesman; a prostitute; a forger; two ex-vaudevilleans who hate road hogs; a condemned man; a mild-mannered clerk; a boisterous marine; and an oppressed inmate of an old ladies' home.

The Director and Players for If I Had a Million (1932) 1080p

[Director]James Cruze
[Role:]George Raft
[Role:]Charles Laughton
[Role:]Gary Cooper
[Role:]W.C. Fields

The Reviews for If I Had a Million (1932) 1080p

One chance in a millionReviewed bytheowinthropVote: 10/10

This film was one of those episodic films that occasionally were turned out by studios (Paramount in particular) where each story was only tangentially connected to a running theme. Other examples are O. HENRY'S FULL HOUSE (five of O. Henry's short stories) and WE'RE NOT MARRIED (five stories of couples erroneously married by Victor Moore, before his justice of the peace powers legally began). TALES OF MANHATTAN was another sample of this type of film, using the same man's evening suit as the connecting link between the stories. American films are not the only ones that use this. Somerset Maugham's stories were anthologized in three films: QUARTET, TRIO, and ENCORE in Great Britain, and the classic deja vu horror tale, DEAD OF NIGHT is also episodic.

Here the running thread is John Giddens, a wealthy man who is in bad health. Played by stage actor Richard Bennett, Giddens is angry at all the over-attention being given to him by his family and physicians. The latter don't seem to be making him better (but are collecting large fees from him), and the former are actually wondering how soon before he dies so they can read his will. He tells his lawyer that he's tired of all these leeches around him. He decides to give the money away, a million dollars at a time, to total strangers he picks out of the phone book.

IF I HAD A MILLION was, actually, the prototype of a popular television series of the 1950s called THE MILLIONAIRE. The idea of THE MILLIONAIRE is basically what is the plot of IF I HAD A MILLION: if somebody plopped a fortune into your hands, what would you do with it? The eight people vary in background and situations. Charlie Ruggles works in a store that sells china. He is very nervous, and his bullying boss and his henpecking wife (Mary Boland, of course), don't help matters. When he gets the check, he demonstrates what he thinks of fancy china and glass to his boss. Similarly downtrodden corporate clerk Charles Laughton is barely noticed by his bosses at his desk job. When he gets the check, and realizes what it means, he goes to the head of the company, and in one moment shows what he feels about being a downtrodden underling. Wynn Gibson uses the money to finally get the good night sleep her normal job has always denied her. W.C. Fields and Allison Skipworth hate road hogs, as their recently purchased new car was destroyed by one. They decide to buy nearly thirty cars to destroy as many of the road pests as possible.

George Raft is a professional forger, who thinks this check is the answer to his problems about avoiding arrest. The problem for him is, will anyone cash his perfectly good check. Similarly Gene Raymond is happy to have the money - you see he is on death row, and with the check he can now mount the appeal he needs for a new trial (or can he?).

Gary Cooper is a slick soldier who knows all the angles. He and his two buddies figure the check is a phony joke, and they pass it off on a cook they owe money to for hamburgers they charged. Later their laughs disappear when they realize they gave the cook too much of a tip. And best is last: May Robson as an independent old lady who will not put up with the tyranny in an old age home. She not only uses the money to restore the spirit to her fellow old age victims, but she even manages to restore spirit (in the end) to her new friend, Richard Bennett.

The film was not all comic - the sequences with Raft and Raymond are actually tragic, and Gibson's success is after a lifetime of unhealthy activity (one hopes her health is good). But it was such a wide variety of stories and reactions to sudden wealth that the film remains a wonderful film experience.

A little known masterpieceReviewed byzetesVote: 7/10

While the concept may not be unknown today (and it probably wasn't unknown even in its day: a man randomly hands out $1 million checks), If I Had a Million is one of the very best films of the 1930s. Why? The writing and acting are tiers above an average movie. Not one of the stories failed. They range from hilarious (W.C. Fields getting revenge on road hogs) to very poignant (the sad old women in the convalescent home). I cried more than once. I laughed as often.

Yet...I missed about 15 minutes, probably one story and a conclusion. The convalescent home was the last part I saw. My tape cut out at what I expect to be the end of it. Can anyone tell me what happens afterwards? I would love to own this masterpiece, but it is of yet unavailable on VHS or DVD. Let us pray for release and recognition.

Fascinating Depression era movieReviewed byPaularocVote: 8/10

This episodic movie has something for everyone - humor, hope, pathos. It also has a stellar cast, a who's who of Paramount actors of the early 30s. It has a simple storyline of a millionaire who thinks he's dying and since he dislikes (quite rightly) all of his relatives and colleagues decides to give a million dollars to strangers selected out of the phone book. The movie was clearly the inspiration for the later very popular and, by me, fondly remembered Millionaire television series. In addition to its cast, the movie's strength is its variety. All of the episodes are good but the episode with the most impact is the Wynne Gibson one where she plays the weary prostitute who first uses part of her windfall by getting the best room in a fancy hotel where she can spend the night alone. Very powerful episode. The episode with the always wonderful May Robson is both sad and inspiring. And the movie has the comedy vignettes with Charlie Ruggles and Mary Boland, W.C. Fields and Alison Skipworth, and Charles Laughton. A superior film worth watching and re-watching.

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