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Lizzie (2018)

Lizzie is a movie starring Kristen Stewart, Chlo? Sevigny, and Fiona Shaw. A psychological thriller based on the infamous 1892 murders of the Borden family.

IMDB: 5.73 Likes

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  • Run Time: 105
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The Synopsis for Lizzie (2018) 720p

In 1892, after the Borden family welcomes a new Irish maid called Bridget Sullivan (Kristen Stewart), she and Lizzie (Chlo? Sevigny) become friends. The friendship between these women becomes something more, even as Lizzie's relationship with her own parents unravels at a frightening level.

The Director and Players for Lizzie (2018) 720p

[Director]Craig William Macneill
[Role:]Chloe Sevigny
[Role:]Kim Dickens
[Role:]Kristen Stewart
[Role:]Fiona Shaw

The Reviews for Lizzie (2018) 720p

It's definitely worth the watchReviewed bysdemeloVote: 9/10

A resident of Fall River, Massachusetts where the crime took place I thought the film was a very good representation of a theory of what happened in the Borden house in 1982. I have been listening to these theories since I was a child and to be be honest I was a little skeptical going in but also anxious to see hollywood's Take on our infamous socialite. Acting was great, which was to be expected because the cast is phenomenal. The score was great and added just the right amout of suspense to a film where you kinda know what is going to happen. The film is a little slow in some parts but it is worth the wait. It picks up pretty nicely. If you don't know the story of Lizzie then you need to see this movie and start your wheels turning on this mystery. If you do now the story then you need to get tot he theater and watch this take on it because it is awesome and you won't be disappointed. Also, take a trip to the bed and breakfast here in Fall River and learn more about it!

A Bit of HumorReviewed bywestsideschlVote: 7/10

The most memorable scene to me was when Lizzie's father in rage after she steals some jewelry & money was to kill her pet pigeons then we see what looks like small birds being served at the family meal. Lizzie comes across as a bit paranoid, perhaps epileptic and definitely a woman not fitting in w/the subdued obedient female image of the time. It should be noted that this docudrama is an interpretation of what happened in that house; nevertheless interesting. Wasn't clear, so would have liked a bit more background, on why the family was not well regarded in the community. Well acted.

ArousingReviewed byvisorman3Vote: 6/10

Being very familiar with this case, I went in thinking this Film should be better than the 1975 TV Movie Starring the late Elizabeth Montgomery "The Legend of Lizzie Borden" but it was not. That said did find it to be visually arousing and graffic, yet somewhat confusing the way the story jumps around. Bravo to the Actors, deserved a bit better script and direction. Violence in 1892 perceived much different than now ?

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