Passage to Marseille (1944) 1080p YIFY Movie

Passage to Marseille (1944) 1080p

Passage to Marseille is a movie starring Humphrey Bogart, Claude Rains, and Michèle Morgan. Five patriotic convicts are helped to escape imprisonment in Devil's Island so they can fight for occupied Free French forces against the...

IMDB: 6.95 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 109
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 4

The Synopsis for Passage to Marseille (1944) 1080p

As French bomber crews prepare an air raid from a base in England, we learn the story of Matrac, a French journalist who opposed the Munich Pact. Framed for murder and sent to Devil's Island, he and four others escape. They are on a ship bound for Marseilles when France surrenders and fascist sympathizer Major Duval tries to seize the ship for Vichy.

The Director and Players for Passage to Marseille (1944) 1080p

[Director]Michael Curtiz
[Role:]Claude Rains
[Role:]Humphrey Bogart
[Role:]Michèle Morgan
[Role:]Philip Dorn

The Reviews for Passage to Marseille (1944) 1080p

EntertainingReviewed byCasablanca3784Vote: 7/10

I suppose Warner Brothers was trying to make hay out of "Casablanca" which, in 1944 when "Passage" was filmed was still very far from becoming one of, if not the greatest American film;I say it was. Yes, as I viewed it thanks to Mr. Turner, I did feel a bit "Casablankish" but it was merely spotty, illusory but not serious. In no way can "Passage" compare to "Blanca" yet I found it, although a bit corny at times, quite entertaining. Bogart's cynicism, the linchpin of "Blanca" is quite obvious because his main duty was to get back to France to see Michèle Morgan rather than to fight Nazism while the rest of his fellow escapees from Devil's Island were true blue patriots. Vive la France and so on and so forth. Bogart, on the other hand, was framed by his "beloved" France which resulted in his sweating out the brutality of French Guyana in all its splendor. Although missing the incredible Ingrid Bergman, this film does offer some of the "Blanca Boys" such as Peter Lorre and Claude Rains. By the way, even though Lorre was an odd looking little guy, in real life he was one of Bogie's best friends thanks to his boozing and then losing money in card games.Some of the battle action at sea is interesting but as phony as phony can be--it's quite obvious those scenes were shot in a gigantic bath tub on the Warner lot.Incidentally if a reader hasn't visited Hollywood and taken a tour or two through the studios,allow me to tell you this as my wife and I were aboard a tram touring Universal Studios. Those wartime battle scenes at sea were actually shot using miniature ships and planes sailing in and hovering over large barrels of water.All in all, "Passage" could never be rated, at least by me, as BAD just by virtue of Humphrey Bogart's starring role. The guy didn't become an icon for doing nothing.

2.5 out of 5 action ratingReviewed byJeff ( 6/10

See it – This is more of an adventure movie, but it takes place during WWII, so we'll call it a war movie. The story is told in a flashback, and flashbacks within the flashback. Humphrey Bogart stars as a patriotic French convict who escapes from his island prison and journeys thousands of miles to help his country fight in the war. Adventures take place over land, air, and sea. The scene where Bogart is furiously firing his machine gun from the ship deck railing at attacking German aircraft is one the most iconic moments in early Hollywood history. I love watching WWII movies that were made while the actual war was still going on. This inspirational classic is heroic and tragic, yet full of hope. 2.5 action rating.

Papillon in flashbacksReviewed byjotix100Vote: 7/10

The best reason for watching this movie was the work of director, Michael Curtiz, a fine man who always delivered. Unfortunately, he relied on a screen play that doesn't do anything to make us care more about the people it tries to portray. As a propaganda film, it glorifies that myth that France always was for the American public.

It's hard to believe the escapees from Cayenne be given a chance to fight for the same country that had exiled them to hard labor, where chances of survival was almost non existing. Reality would only tells us these men would be put in prison as they arrived in France.

The film compensates with the different plots by including heavy action at sea, and then during the bombing of Germany by the French squadron now in England. The story of how Jean Matrac lands in the penal colony of Guyana, after being accused of killing someone is seen in flashbacks. This episode shows his falling in love for the lovely Paula, who becomes the love of his life.

The problem with the film is the potpourri of actors and backgrounds that make the movie a small leaning Tower of Babel. Our hero, Matrac, speaks NewYorkese! Bogey, is not as effective in this movie as in others. What made the film interesting was the strong supporting cast that was put together. Claude Rains, Sidney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, George Tobias, Helmut Dantine, John Loden, Philip Dorn, among others, do excellent work under Mr. Curtiz's direction. Michelle Morgan, one of the most radiant women in films, has nothing to do in it. The film also boasts an appearance by Corinna Mura, who also appeared in "Casablanca".

The film, by no means, a bad one, could have used a better screen play, or at least one that would have made it more fun to watch.

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