Six Degrees of Separation (1993) 1080p YIFY Movie

Six Degrees of Separation (1993) 1080p

Six Degrees of Separation is a movie starring Will Smith, Stockard Channing, and Donald Sutherland. An affluent New York couple finds their lives touched, intruded upon, and compelled by a mysterious young black man who is never...

IMDB: 6.92 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 112
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 2

The Synopsis for Six Degrees of Separation (1993) 1080p

New Yorkers Ouisa and Flan Kittredge are upper class private art dealers, pretentious but compassionate. Their prized possession is a double sided Kandinsky, one side that represents control, the other side chaos. They relay a story to their friends and acquaintances that over time becomes legendary. It is their encounter with a young black man who they had never met or heard of but who comes stumbling upon their front door one evening as they are courting an important investor, Geoffrey Miller, who could make them wealthy beyond what they could have dreamed. That black man is Paul Poitier, who has just arrived in the city, was just mugged outside their building and is sporting a minor knife wound to the abdomen. He is a friend of the Kittredge's children, who are attending Harvard, but more importantly is the son of actor/director . Tomorrow, Paul is meeting up with his father who is in town directing a movie of "Cats". Beyond the attraction of talking Paul into getting...

The Director and Players for Six Degrees of Separation (1993) 1080p

[Director]Fred Schepisi
[Role:]Stockard Channing
[Role:]Donald Sutherland
[Role:]Will Smith
[Role:]Ian McKellen

The Reviews for Six Degrees of Separation (1993) 1080p

Six Magnitudes of Self-punishmentReviewed bybadtothebonoVote: 1/10

One out of three is actually pretty bad. Has 1 thing going for it: Will Smith is great. Otherwise, what a swill-bucket! It manages to be about the worst offender in two of the worst "gawd-this-flick-sux" categories. First, almost everyone in the flick acts like a total moron most of the time. Sutherland acts like a coherent person would a few times, but then he just reverts right back to moron- mode. Only House of Sand & Fog can match this for requiring everyone to be moronic in order for the movie to move forward. Second, it is just pompous celibacy of the kind common to people trying to act educated. Putrid, pompous, puerile, pretentious pablum. From the first scene to the last. Every single scene. How did they accomplish that? Only My Dinner With Andre comes close, and even that had some good stuff stuck in the private-parts of the pablum. As I reviewed Andre, at least it has some honest truths. (but the reality is that the people who will give it a "10" are the exact people who these truths are most honest about. Hypocrisy defined.) This bucket has nothing but swill. I guess I can say one other good thing about it. It continues the tradition of movies that somewhat accurately portray the inhabitants of the two worst places I have ever lived. People, over the age of roughly 35, in NYC are mainly pompous celibates. People in SW Connecticut are mainly obnoxious A-holes with no family life nor concern for the people around them. Try naming a few movies that take place in SW Conn. where the people are presented warmly, etc. Go ahead, try.

Takes the form of a dour sociology lecture, more than anything!Reviewed byHowlin WolfVote: 2/10

"All you've got to do in order for the bourgeousie to clasp you to their bosom is appeal to their vanity and avarice". Dead on-target though that assessment may be, it makes for an insufferably grating few hours of film-watching. Having to squirm through footage of fine actors INTENTIONALLY masquerading as obnoxious twits may not EXACTLY be my idea of torture, but it came perilously close to it on occasion.

The only possible redeeming feature of this I can see would be as a vehicle to showcase Will Smith's talents as a straight dramatic actor. Having offered this as some form of mitigation, if you really do want proof of his capabilities that badly, then "Ali" is a much better and more worthy demonstration.

If ever there were an argument for pretentious and stultifying dull playwrights to confine some of the vacuous twaddle they peddle strictly to the theatre and nowhere else, then ladies and gentlemen, this movie may well be it. I found it to be staggeringly tedious and irritating, but if you're looking for something to set your teeth on edge, then this could just do the trick - It's seriously about the only thing it managed to achieve in MY case! 2/10.

This was a brilliant playReviewed bytimberwolf1-1Vote: 7/10

I saw Stockard Channing do this play on Broadway, and it remains one of the best theater experiences ever. It's really the story of her character Ouisa gradually seeing that her life is just pretty surfaces, and in meeting this young con-man with whom she makes an intense emotional connection, that she wants more than her marriage, her friends, her life. The dialogue goes like the wind and you barely get a chance to catch your breath; some of the dialogue is spoken as a soliloquy. It's John Guare's mastery of the language at its best, better than "The House of Blue Leaves." I'm much more of a movie person than a theater person, but this play really sang.

Unfortunately the translation to film is only partially successful. Whereas the play is a spoken confessional of Oiusa Kitteridge, the movie emphasizes Paul (Will Smith). Smith does a good-to-great job with this character. The transition from a verbal to a visual medium robs the language of much of its power, and rather than re-write it as a movie, it's sort of a 'half-transition,' which doesn't really please anyone. The other problem I had with it was Donald Sutherland; who wasn't half-bad. But John Cunningham, who played the role on Broadway, was sharper, harder, a GAMBLER...Sutherland just comes across as a nice guy that gets a bit upset that he's been conned. And the emotional blow that comes at the end of the play when you realize that Oiusa's perfect marriage is falling apart just doesn't come across.

Still fascinating for its premise and worth a look; even this watered-down version never fails to entertain.

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