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Texas, Adios (1966)

Texas, addio is a movie starring Franco Nero, Alberto Dell'Acqua, and Elisa Montés. A Texan sheriff and his younger brother travel across the border into Mexico to confront the man who killed their father.

IMDB: 6.23 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Western
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 23

The Synopsis for Texas, Adios (1966) 720p

The tough gun-man Burt Sullivan (Franco Nero) leaves his job as a town sheriff to go to Mexico to find the man, Cisco, who killed his father many years ago. He and his younger brother arrive in a small town where everybody is afraid of Cisco who has become the local landowner. But there is a secret. It turns out that Cisco is the father of Burt's younger brother and Cisco are craving for respect from his "son". Burt Sullivan joins forces with the local townspeople to stop and bring Cisco back to his punishment in Texas.

The Director and Players for Texas, Adios (1966) 720p

[Director]Ferdinando Baldi
[Role:]José Guardiola
[Role:]Elisa Montés
[Role:]Alberto Dell'Acqua
[Role:]Franco Nero

The Reviews for Texas, Adios (1966) 720p

Not exactly plot-heavy--mostly a lotta shootin' and killin'!Reviewed byMartinHaferVote: 6/10

This isn't a bad Italian western at all--though compared to the rest of the films in this genre, this one is even lighter in plot and mostly consists of a lot of shooting and killing. Now, it's reasonably well-done shooting and killing, but if you're looking for depth, this movie isn't for you.

Franco Nero plays a sheriff in a Texas town. After YEARS of waiting, he and his brother inexplicably decide NOW is the time to track down their father's killer in Mexico. However, when they arrive and even mention the guy's name, Delgado, folks get a bit ornery and the killing begins. In fact, once they are in Mexico, practically not a single minute goes by when someone isn't shot!! And, eventually, a dark secret is learned--but I'll leave that for you to discover. And, also to discover is the wonderfully bloody and bullet-riddled finale.

This film is pretty good but it all boils down to lots of death and not much more. Nero is handsome and very good in the lead but an otherwise ordinary sort of western.

Leave the Westerns to the pros, please EuropeReviewed byScottyBVote: 7/10

What can you say about a film where the unbelievably poor dubbing was added almost thirty years after filming ? John Wayne, this is not ! Clearly produced by a studio not ordinarily used to the genre (or have the Spaniards been watching this for years rather than subtitle a real Western ?) Could probably have been better with American actors as the dubbed voices did not correlate with the facial expressions of the actors and emotion was often lacking in speech in this movie. Other than reservations with the acting and voice-overs, I found the plot to be rather drawn out, and the lack of scenery made me wonder if they could only afford one set which was re-painted for the other scenes. Might have been better if it was made in America, but probably more of a special interest movie to be viewed in the original language by people who perhaps have different tastes from the mainstream Western Genre

Texas JusticeReviewed byFightingWesternerVote: 8/10

Lawman Franco Nero and his younger brother say adiós to Texas and travel south of the border to seek justice for their long murdered father. Soon they discover that the killer is now a wealthy and oppressive landowner with some secrets to tell regarding the two brothers.

Not as flamboyant as other Italian westerns, this is more like an American western in it's straight forwardness, though with a few European quirks and a bit more excessive violence.

Still, it's colorful and entertaining with good location photography and an excellent musical score. Franco Nero's always good.

Speaking of Nero, any western film with him in the lead invites unfair comparisons to Django. This is no exception.

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