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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years (2016)

A compilation of found footage featuring music, interviews, and stories of

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The Synopsis for The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years (2016) 720p

In the 1960s, the Beatles exploded on to the public scene, seemingly out of nowhere as the band's formative years of constant performing at home and in Hamburg, and Brian Epstein's grooming, finally paid off beyond their wildest dreams. Accompanying new interviews of the remaining Beatles, their associates and fans as well as archival interviews of the late ones, this film features footage of the heady concert years of 1963 to 66 when the band became a worldwide cultural phenomena topping them all. Furthermore, it also follows how the Fab Four began to change and grow while the excitement of Beatlemania began to sour their lives into an intolerable slog they needed to escape from to become more than what their fans wanted.

The Director and Players for The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years (2016) 720p

[Director]Ron Howard
[Role:]John Lennon
[Role:]Paul McCartney
[Role:]Ringo Starr

The Reviews for The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years (2016) 720p

Reviewed byPaul AllaerVote: 9/10/10

"Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years" (2016 release; 137 min.including bonus feature) is a documentary about the Beatles' touringdays from late 1963 to August 1966. As the movie opens, we find theboys singing "She Loves You" in Manchester, November, 1963, and inglorious full color mode, no less. A bit later we get "Twist & Shout"from that same evening. To see it on the big screen is utter and puredelight. Along the way, we hear the Fab Four add their personalperspective on these times. "We were not an overnight sensation",reminds Paul, and we then get a very brief glimpse of their touringdays in Liverpool and Hamburg. The movie spends, rightfully, more on1964 than all the rest combined and it is a true treasure trove of rareand unseen footage, alongside the more familiar footage. SigourneyWeaver tells about attending the first Hollywood Bowl show, and laterWhoopi Goldberg talks about being at the Shea Stadium show.

Couple of comments: this documentary is directed by none other than RonHoward, with the full cooperation of Paul, Ringo and the Lennon andHarrison estates. Howard and his team must have roamed the earth tocome up with all of the fantastic footage, and make some pointedcomments along the way (the Beatles had a contractual provisionprohibiting segregated shows in the South, a remarkable standconsidering the circumstances). The sound quality has beenpainstakingly remastered as best as possible. As a lifelong Beatles fanwho was too young to have seen them in person or fully appreciate whatall took place half a century ago, this movie is sheer delight fromstart to finish. The theater version came with a 30 min. bonus featureimmediately after the end titles, namely "The Beatles At Shea Stadium",their entire set from August 15, 1965. It absolutely blows the mindwhat happened there. And to think that as the headliner, the Beatlesplayed for all of 25 minutes! Watching the crowd is as much fun as itis watching the guys. Here again, the old footage has been restored andremastered.

"Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years" opened this weekend on a singlescreen for all of Greater Cincinnati, at my local art-house theater. Icouldn't wait to see it. The Saturday matinée screening where I sawthis at was PACKED to the rafters, to my surprise and delight. On myway out of the theater, there was already a long line waiting for thenext screening. It seems this movie is hitting a nerve, and this hasthe looks to be a solid success on the art-house theater circuit. Ifyou love the Beatles, you do not want to miss this. "Eight Days a Week- The Touring Years" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed byFlat EdVote: 6/10/10

I must say that following all the media publicity about discovering anuntold story about the band we all know and love, I was disappointed bythe lack of revelation and unseen footage that this movie contains. Iam a hardcore fan and have probably read too many books and watched toomany documentaries about the band, so I found it mildly interesting.That is not to say that the film is badly put together and many willfind it interesting, not only there are footage of their touring butalso some snippets of studio banter and early takes that I have neverheard before. I rather enjoyed the Shea Stadium concert (that Iprobably had watched dozens of times before!), nice to watch on a bigscreen with a remastered sound (although most of the music has beenoverdubbed later in the studio, due to the poor recording quality buthey in 1965 it was quite a challenge to put a Beatles concert on tapewith 50000 screaming girls in the background!). If you are not ahardcore Beatlemaniac you might enjoy this movie. The Beatles FirstVisit was far more interesting as regarding the life on the road.

Fascinating look at the greatest Band EVERReviewed byGeorge TaylorVote: 10/10

Kudos to Ron Howard, Giles Martin and the rest who brought this brilliant and fascinating documentary to life. Nothing earth changing here, just a wonderful look at the greatest band ever, who were world changing, during the days that they toured. As one watches this, look at the primitive state in which they performed, yet perform they did. Starting with Hamburg, they worked hard - were not overnight sensations - to become the band they were. I liken these four getting together to the signers of the Declaration of Independence or the signing of the Magna Carta. The Beatles were brilliant - an no one will ever challenge them. Ever. Just a great, enjoyable documentary that I hope will win a BAFTA and an Academy Award.

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