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The Guvnors (2014)

The Guvnors is a movie starring Charley Palmer Rothwell, Jay Simpson, and Tom Davis. The Guvnors is a violent thriller set amongst the clans and firms of South East London, bringing two generations together in brutal conflict.

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The Synopsis for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

The Guvnors is both love letter and hate mail to the alpha male. This story's alpha is Mitch who lives buried in suburban London, having turned his back on his previous life of casual violence and intimidation as part of a legendary South East London firm. In the modern day he's the doyen of respectability and quiet confidence, but Mitch used to be a Guv'nor. This film holds a mirror up to Mitch and shows him the monster once again, buried deep in both DNA and psyche, desperate to break out and wreak havoc.

The Director and Players for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

[Director]Gabe Turner
[Role:]Vas Blackwood
[Role:]Charley Palmer Rothwell
[Role:]Tom Davis
[Role:]Jay Simpson

The Reviews for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

Not that original! 3/10Reviewed byleonblackwoodVote: 3/10

Review: This is one of those typical East End movies about a young criminal minded gang leader who wants to make a name for himself by taking out the old mobsters who used to run his turf. I must admit, the film is quite predictable and it's nothing that we haven't seen before. Doug Allen, who plays one of the main characters as the old football Hooligan whose gone straight, gets dragged back into the Hooligan life after there old leader, played by David Essex, gets murdered. There's a couple of twists along the way but it takes some time to get going and there's a lot of unnecessary violence which goes a bit too far. Harley Sylvester, who plays the lead as the violent youth, played his part quite well and his sidekick was quite a scary looking fellow but the script wasn't that original and I did loose interest after a while. The difference between the generations and how they deal with there problems, is real in today's day to day life so I found the film more frustrating than entertaining. Average!

Round-Up: If you watch Eastenders, you might remember Doug Allen from the earlier episodes as Nathan between 2001-2002. I haven't really seen him in anything else since then, but he played his part quite well, especially as this is his first leading role. The whole setting for the movie might look familiar because it's were Clockwork Orange was filmed. You also might have seen the guy who played the lead as the violent youth before, as one of the rappers in the Rizzle Kids, so he's not a stranger to performing. In this film I personally think that it's the typical UK gangstar storyline which needed some work but there are a couple of twists that make it slightly interesting.

I recommend this movie to people who are into their UK drama/violent movies about a ? football hooligan whose gone straight but gets dragged back into his old lifestyle after the leader of his old squad gets murdered. 3/10

Not a Bad Neighborhood Crime StoryReviewed bypaq5528Vote: 7/10

Americans won't understand the references to the troubled 80's and the main character who was a skinhead frustrated rebel who created quite a bit of trouble, but ended up just a successful gay businessman.

The action takes place in a neighborhood embattled by the ghost history of the old versus the physical brutality of the youth. Simple plot really, but the sidetexts of violence begets violence through the generations, through genetics, and through entrenched poverty make this movie break away and become entertaining and contain more depth than a simple gang-turf warfare meaningless bit of film-making.

While not perfect, I make it out to be a fine example of its genre, something not intended to be Oscar worthy, but still gripping, entertaining, and worth some popcorn.

The low scores on IMDb need to stopReviewed byJoshua FuentesVote: 8/10

Honestly, I'm surprised. I saw the name of this and decided to watch it, for no real reason, and after watching I checked out the IMDb page (as I usually do.) Seeing that this movie is 5.4/10 inspired me to create an account, finally. This is a carefully-shot and thickly-written story which, despite some clear cliches, gets across what it wants to get across succinctly. Sometimes, the pace and storytelling gets blocky and unorthodox, but it's still altogether solid. The use of color, the acting, the dialogue, it's all enjoyable and not at all a bad mixture. I was expecting at least a 7/10. Odd.

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