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The Red House (1947)

The Red House is a movie starring Edward G. Robinson, Lon McCallister, and Judith Anderson. An old man and his sister are concealing a terrible secret from their adopted teen daughter, concerning a hidden abandoned farmhouse,...

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The Synopsis for The Red House (1947) 720p

Pete and Ellen have reared Meg as their own, ever since she was a baby and her parents took off. Now a teen, Meg convinces her friend Nath to come help with chores on the farm: Pete isn't getting around on his wooden leg like he used to. When Nath insists on using a short cut home through the woods, Pete gets quite agitated and warns him of screams in the night, of terrors associated with the red house. Curious, Meg and Nath ignore his warnings and begin exploring. Meg begins falling in love with Nath, but his girlfriend Tibby has other plans for him. Meanwhile they all get closer to real danger and the dark secret of the red house.

The Director and Players for The Red House (1947) 720p

[Director]Delmer Daves
[Role:]Rory Calhoun
[Role:]Judith Anderson
[Role:]Edward G. Robinson
[Role:]Lon McCallister

The Reviews for The Red House (1947) 720p

Creepy, Disturbing and Off-beat Noir - Not for Kids!Reviewed bymstomasoVote: 7/10

Delmer Daves's The Red House is a gem! But it's not a film for the kids - the film deals with somewhat perverse adult themes in a very psychologically, if not explicitly, realistic manner. The great Edward G. Robinson plays Pete Morgan, a reclusive older gentleman living with his sister (Judith Anderson) and an adopted teenage daughter, Meg (Allene Roberts). Most of the story revolves around Meg's developing romance with Nath (Lon McAllister) - a smart and decent young man who comes to work for Pete. Nath's girlfriend - kind of an erstwhile femme fatale - is played by the lovely Julie London, and it is no surprise to find that as Nath's attention turns to Meg, her attention turns to bad boy "Teller" (Rory Calhoun).

Underneath all the typically teenage romantic dynamics lies several terrible secrets and possibly, something supernatural. All of this will culminate in revealing the secret of a long-forgotten Red House in the woods behind Pete's house.

The acting is excellent. The younger members of the cast are remarkably attractive, an the cinematographer used this to great advantage. Calhoun and London occasionally falter into formulaic acting, but McAllister and Roberts are always exactly where they need to be, and Robinson turns in a typically brilliant performance. Roberts, amazingly, was 18 years old and acting in her first film when she turned in this fantastic, mature performance.

Daves paces the film very nicely. There are relatively few wasted seconds, and the build-up to the climax, and even the epilogue, are barely even noticeable as you are swept away by the increasingly convoluted and disturbing story-line. Lighting, a trademark of Daves and noir in general, is used perfectly in this very nicely shot dark contrast-oriented film. The key to the success of this film, however, is the misdirection of audience sympathies - which is all I will say about the script - to avoid a spoiler.

NOTE: Be willing to spend a few extra dollars to get a good print of this film. Some of the less expensive versions have very poor sound quality - almost unlistenable.

Highly recommended for Robinson fans and non-graphic horror fans. Recommended for noir fans. Not recommended for kids.

Freud Would Have Had Fun with This OneReviewed byHitchcocVote: 8/10

There are some "family" issues in this film that make one crawl just a bit. It is the story of an obsessed farmer, who was badly injured, early in life. He lives with his sister, who has obviously given up a life to take care of him, and a young woman whose parents aren't around any more. There is something in the woods that connects to the past and people aren't allowed out there. Why? is the issue that keeps us watching. Edward G. Robinson slips in and out of his reverie, remembering the past with great fear--particularly fear of loneliness. He has this young girl trapped. Up to the time the movie starts, she has been an obedient child. People think the whole family is pretty wacko (and they are right), but no one really understands why. A young man comes to work for the farmer and upsets everything. There is also a high school dropout played by Rory Calhoun who patrols the woods and area around "the red house," hired to drive off invaders. It all boils up nicely. I wish I had a better print because the sound on mine was really poor. Robinson is very good. In fact, the whole cast, including the local prom queen, played by Julie London, is quite good. The whole student thing is pretty believable for such a start setting. I recommend this for those who like character studies. It ends in a very satisfying though violent way.

the young and the oldReviewed byRanchoTuVuVote: 9/10

A person who's trying to keep a bad secret submerged can't keep it from himself, and with the right set of circumstances that secret will slowly emerge despite all his efforts to keep it covered up, creating increasing guilt and desperation. That's the role more or less brilliantly played by Edward G. Robinson who shares a dreaded secret with his sister played by Judith Anderson, in this twisted story that unravels fairly well, but at 100 minutes seems about ten minutes too long. The film is set in a bucolic countryside that presents a deceptive view of a simple and fulfilling life. The young actors (Lon McCallister, Allene Roberts, Julie London, and Rory Calhoun) hold their own very well. In fact the film has a neat generational component about love and lost opportunities, jealousy, and plenty of repressed sexual desire that everyone (the old and the young) experience, along with the fairly riveting secret of the abandoned "Red House", buried in foreboding woods. The cinematography (Bert Glennon) is stunningly beautiful in a lot of scenes.

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